Free to Be You and Me

marlothomasCan we find a show on the air, on demand, for that matter anywhere, that gives Kids as much encouragement to be themselves and acknowledges their realities as much as “Free To Be You and Me” did?  – cause here we are, 45 Years later, and…. crickets….. !  In the greatly expanded media landscape, I’ll bet there’s still room for a magazine type show, with spots by well known adults, that hits on all subjects of social interest to kids – with sensitivity, wit, song, and whimsy!  Free to Be – or Not To Be



I’m glad you’re here! I hope to find, cultivate, and learn from a community of children’s media specialists, doc enthusiasts, makers, teachers and families who all want to see representation of Real kids, Real stories, Real cinematographic excellence on children’s screens. Really! I hope you’ll share your thoughts, inspirations, troublesome topics, work, and strategies with me.  PS: I’ve just started making this site, and figuring out how to do it as I go, so all your feedback on operationability and content is very welcome.