Skinny and Fatty

I rarely watched TV as a child. So maybe it’s the rarity of the occasion that made the experience of watching the CBS Children’s Film Festival skinny and fattyon one particular Sunday afternoon so memorable. “Skinny and Fatty”, a film from Japan about two lonely boys, affected me very deeply, and though only 10, I began wondering about such things as the possibility that children could living lives very different from my own, and that someone made this film to show us something about caring for each other. That this person took us and our realities seriously.  Because this really happened to me, I know that children can and often do appreciate such films. Children just haven’t changed that much, despite their media diets. I don’t know that Skinny and Fatty actually stands up too well on today’s screens, but where can kids today see any such film, so grounded in reality, that would bring them close to children not like them, to bring them into a global community of caring? That’s what The CBS Children’s Film Festival did, especially on this afternoon, in April, in 1969. I remember it like it was yesterday.  Can the “CBS Children’s Film Festival” be revived for the new media landscape?  If so, how? By whom? I don’t think it  will be CBS. Subscription services are sometimes mentioned, and I think there’s room for growth, but people seem pretty tapped out on media costs at present.

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ellen reynolds

Media maker, writer, and educator, with a focus on children's documentaries.

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