Real Kids want Real News – for and by them!

alternative factsFor example, Hilde Kate Lisiak, from Selinsgrove, PA., in the grand tradition of Harriet the Spy, takes her reporting duties very seriously. She doesn’t understand why people say she couldn’t really be interested in being a working journalist because she’s just a Kid, and I’m on her side all the way!   Reports show…   News and Wadada….   not since Linda Ellerbee… Kids know we adults are upset with “fake news” and “alt facts”, the constant lying, and attacks on the Media, and they know that when it comes to their own lives there’s no reporting at all.  Of course they’re confused, and in need of some real journalism, made just for them today.  I’m ready to make a show based on Hilde’s story!  Or to help produce a Children’s News program here in the US.  Is anyone with me??

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ellen reynolds

Media maker, writer, and educator, with a focus on children's documentaries.

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